Beyond Reason Evolving Consciousness

Thanks for the response, which is always welcome.Of course, I don't feel that Buddhism is stubborn in its true form. It is exactly the opposite. Who needs to apply a model that think it is in your life without.The general reaction is that no general answer, at least when it comes to explain life, (because it seems to me that this not the case with the universe). And when I say we want to be smart, a provocation is known. Of course we want to be, but they are really ready to commit ourselves to what extent?Personally, this is why I'm obsessed with the concept of honesty. Use the word cause is everything: how really honest, you think what you want to what you think and what you believe. Some people think that honesty is just two people, one Exchange, but personally, I think that's especially between us an Exchange any with the do of the universe (talk about hate, esoteric sounds for some reason any).Again, I hope that is understandable. I have not seen the film. Although it seems to me that the answer to this question is: no, because the interpretation of the ear is reasonable healthy. If you no ear, not his. No activity of vibration, but no ear present interpreted as sound. The sound is the relationship between phenomena and performers. Come on people, as a human race, that we went on this subject. It's like discuss this Greek thought is better than the modern scientific method. I accept the modern Western philosophy went few, but these other archaic or Micheal ideas with social sciences. The problem is that this documentary anthropology, shamanism, social philosophy and religious ideas with modern science mix. In fact, I liked this documentation, I like some of these concerns and negative comments 1 address with the film. Pipe's music often claim that this music is boring and handling. But the music is not biased in this context?All Hollywood films have emotional music for scenes from the movie, and even the sounds were in real situations, to manipulate, to denote the action. War (drums) for aggressive behaviour, to describe the pain, sadness, even the rally as music to evoke pride and power. All the latter are managers of a cynic, but are made to set up and send message unconscious and emotional. in this sense the deep music is linked with an emotion that has not had this experience?In short, this music tube is in a constant tone eliminates and is used to represent the listener in a State of relaxation and openness. Objective is to focus on the music, but to focus on the message and for more music that was developed, allowing that put the ideas that you open. 2. bad science many also claim that the bad science of two individuals of the intellectual (quack for those who doubted the legitimacy) has been used. I totally agree with this assessment. After hearing his approach, I think they have a good understanding of the fundamentals of modern physics.I did A bit of basic research on alternative energy sources, reading of respective books as physical brain Cox is the quantum universe and also explore documentaries on this subject as NOVA ' series of the elegant universe. What explains the historical science and practice supports modern imitated by scientists in the field. ?The only difference is that the approach to the problem from a different angle and diving, one the philosophical implications of this physical Theorien.Moderne not yet do, not the philosophers and do not pretend to be.You're good at what you leave on mathematics to make predictions on patterns, which can be claimed; aka detectable, predicted and used, opens the door to new strange questions at the frontiers of Science (theory of parallel, theory of strings, time paradoxes, universe, etc.), but never do philosophical questions because this isn't his way of thinking, where the Plato used this knowledge on the problems of life to think? the reality? Spirituality? What does mean?This Greek thinkers aren't his methods venerated today but unfortunately. But why?In other words, I do not think these two intellectuals, the embrace, the science is wrong or bad, (not as a Christian who says that the Earth was created in 7 days, based on a book) rather than she to try current science simply interpretative and collected from a different perspective, believing less rigid dogmatic objective pay interest and guide the main buildingwhere science leave at the beginning; Knowledge.This has nothing to do with science and everything related to the theories and understanding the fundamental problems of the science of making 3. Monks monks brought another dimension to this Treaty. Como, a physicist modern working in the field of the theory of strings, the monks are alternately at the top of the sector; Spirituality (not religion). His words are deep, personal, intelligent and clear. Through practice spiritual Yoga meditation and experts of internal reflection on the philosophical issues, often side by side on the issues of logics of Western science has become.Evidence of success is personal relaxation, understanding, happiness, joy, peace, confidence and personal Wachstum.Der and meta - Fisicos.Die, continues Monaco searches for answers while outside science. Who can honestly say that these approaches are more real? its parent, however, unlike the more organized religions, ideas and philosophical revelations about these monks may deepest questions that science be considered. Very often against Scientists but rather could strengthen also increase their work the two fields (science and spirituality). In his heart, that this documentation is doing exactly this, a balance between the two. Metaphysics is absurd and everything tests modern science, what they say, which makes a new in this document, rather than the reason was attacked not in each room as the basis of a totally unknown and gobble non detectable de-gook and superstition. It is preferable to fundamentalists and arguments must be understood as such. There must be documentation that explains clearly what is the philosophy of materialism and what not. I would like to see. Your comment about science like because it's the best balance between science and the public, who can now imagine. But it could still criticise the interpretation of bad science, in particular on the interpretation of quantum mechanics, as painfully inaccurate. An example is the interpretation of the wave function collapse and measurement. This has nothing to do with human consciousness. The collapse of the wave function can occur without human intervention or even any artificial device at all. It is true that the internal mechanism of the collapse of the wave does not yet 100% clear, but the theory of progressive (so called decoherence gives) to explain that almost all observed the behaviour of such a phenomenon. I am pleased that you are interested. To answer your first question, little good sense which is actually see a wide circulation in the classical world. Or a bespoke system, you must interact with the system itself. For example, suppose that the ambient temperature to measure a cup of hot tea, you have a thermometer in tea. Heat must be allocated between the tea and the numbers of suitable thermometer and the temperature is always lower than the actual temperature without dispersion. If the volume of 1 ml in question to reduce the, the problem with the common thermometer becomes clearer. You can to try to make your thermometer, as low as possible, but there is a physical limit was to interact with the system. Up to tea or the quantum, the world is so small that the inevitable disruptions it will handle a problem, and quantum mechanics, as an intrinsic property of the system.The second issue referred to is called low measurement. A short can get some details, without going through the system as collapsing in its purest form in respect of specific devices. A recent example is the experience of the double slot, where they measured the average trajectory of particles. I'm quite confused many people of science, with the exception of a few voices of reason as Jack1952 and approach fl260. Think, that it is limited to the science of Brunei for the reality says, why not a child 6 months to walk or to speak of quantum mechanics began. Science is a progressive system, and who claims that it fell one shot can learn and experience the biggest disappointment. In fact, there is no link with the final realization, if it is, it is the people who study came A lot to this very well gross and limited, but an effective method significantly.And just for a second look on the unit under the eyes and with this picture, now trying to explain it with a meditation, devine, Vedic or esoteric wisdom. Surly you remember a little than these archaic methods to explain the basic structure of the existing reality, not to mention the missing in the capital. Secondly the philosophy to absurd ideas another way people is casual again and again. Philosophy is the base and at the same time the fundamental questions, science, not religions or ideal. It was very good, even if I did acknowledge that it was an electrical outlet Eastern spiritual practices in fact a good way. But does a good job explaining the philosophy of science and which show the difficulty of a science in philosophy between Eastern spirituality.Reasonable scientists would agree that, while the science on the fact, because of our human limitations, is to know is that we perceive through our senses, so probably reality for us as a people, perceive reality any not to be. However, we cannot know if you really or do not know the reality.Eastern philosophy seems to say we know the totality of reality through the higher State of consciousness beyond our senses. But it seems to me that if it is, then the Eastern philosophy we new achievements of the truth of the reality beyond our senses and imagination and take what could be and to my knowledge, did not. So for me, it's the test at least at this stage, that the idea of Eastern philosophy, if we follow a few methods, we know that the ultimate reality is not true.In other words, if people without eyes, had developed, if we really connected a meditate with conscience, we know that the existence of light and color without eyes. And, by extension, of course, there are things to us, which we collect, developed in a body, but you know that already has been discovered, what are these things.I love the Eastern practices and I think that contribute to the achievement that are different than our normal Western States, but without knowing the importance of really how good, bad, cannot attribute values better or worst in any State of the Seins.Im towards the flute playing with your doctor, if you never kind is to dare to practice music is often distributed and are also more relaxed. Sigh, evil value informative lol revised spring. or even if your 100% correct.MIA make all the time, nothing to do more good information in the right place. Re-record link speaking of signals from sensory input and decoding and Speicher.IE: decoding processor chips and hard disk (storage) tell me where talking about these links on the monitor or screen, the screen, that we actually see? or speakers, we hear the sound what to do?I do not. and for good reason. eligible themselves.and claim that the actual physical location on release information is just a theory, this assumption, which can be stored differently to short-term memory, which is probably saved after any neural sanding time. but could be better. Because they do not know yet. Perhaps, that link already in your store. Sorry (e). Pier considered the study yet, which some guess your conclusions. and also on the subject of not lol. Yet, though. focus on how bad now with the information provided in his car. But does not, what we are talking in this post. I'll start.(You know, wasting time, as suggested, primarily because of its) 1: (link) you will find in the storage and the processing of the information. Do not display the information stored and processed. (in other words, what we see-) as well as data, the information in a table or graph and the physical image of the chart itself generates 2: method of image noise see / hear in our spirit and consciousness is the representation of the information stored.(el gráfico real, not Información Que lo Hace) are two completely different things and should not be confused. saved just as the difference between the information on your hard disk and processor.and transformed by GFX card or actual when Visual image displayed on the screen to see! * Know the situation of has started (translator of sensory input and neural function of Cognitivaredes) * to know the position of the RAM (short term memory) chips * ensure that I do not know, but I have a good idea on the location of the Hard Drive-(Largo de Almacenamiento de Información/Speicher ein procedure). * We know intercept and decode a little or a lot of keyboard and mouse and webcams, etc.-(las_entradas_sensoriales,_ojos_y_oido_tacto_etc.) sent data can * also knows and can intercept / decrypt processor information, muscles and nervous system in line with functions of voltage or body movement and muscle and the language sent by. -(Tarjeta de sonido, Sistemas de Enfriamiento, las piezas Móviles)-Willen that these examples should encourage without doubt, the awareness of the users. or 'Spirit' and so you can link me scientific revised spring, because its spirituality and philosophy yet as a whole. and if you understand the topic or even the link you (which, by the way, I fully understand) you understand these basic principles. because we don't know the exact location or the very existence of ' user '-(la Conciencia y la Mente) * know us the exact position of the speaker or recognize Aparant, generate tones. -(Ils tienes ruido en Nuestra mente conciencia y lo hace/el ruido) * we know not the position of the screen/screen/holographic 3D or actual images in your room (the actual image and the reality that we see in our mind/brain/consciousness) and once to see most everything that speaks of your link help on coding, registration and storage of Informazionidavvero not everyone the difference or help questions will be publishedas the old question of the tree falls. URL linked to the problem to something vague and made statements about the worst people Lolor, suggestions? as for me lol, summarize here what he said not so much when you can just something that does not help anyone, but it seems that he wanted things indeed thought no independent or understanding of the problem at hand, try your revised link spring prior to the request that she wrote to read anything for or against some of the answers. at all lol! I do not know if he or has not changed. I can't tell how would have grown if he did. I have and how the experiences of everyday life, is a part of me. I would say, without injury physical or emotional, can enjoy more than we, that one round, that we can be. Many people near a position and ends never look over the cage, where they built for themselves. It is almost always the best, it will exercise. In the daily life of the spectacular failures of companies have discovered that it is the most reliable things in my life: immediately after the quick point another mistake is on my face fall. The example of your comment, which is immediately on the property is a perfect example. ;-) I've often thought about the origin of a better name for me would be: Imightbestumbling or Imightbetakingmyfootoutofmymouth. I liked the comment of AntiTheist666 on Imightbelaughing.As for the title of this film, our lives and our actions are more common than we prefer above the ground. I thought that I give a better at least a projection of relevance with regard to the question of the doc in one of my comments. Bless you. Science is not the truth. The truth is the Ttruth. If science coincides with the truth and science is correct, if not, then not.I am it is true, that I performed energy and material, which combines taken conscience is science, and it is true. But it is not yet confirmed. In any case troops want rubber reductionist and tinned gasket not rational or reasonable theme beta appeal, recognize, you think again, there are free in the founding of Dawkins, memories and you know Pocket earrings and double helix equals method does not check the scientism not intend to buy it yourself. and now that (obviously not religious) Dawkins can be a foundation with the status of tax exemption his zoology and behavior, to explore and classes add that has a pet Naked Ape Zoo for children, I want your opinion, I think that to capture an animal rather operant conditioning behavior or live specimens for zoos in neuro linguistic programming? Also to see how rejected my first response to your question, so I do not know to be not shocking. I'll give you a more detailed answer, that is if everything goes well annoying to dismiss my sources: credentials: agree time or no intelligent person with the ability to understand and to think for me, when it comes to theories such as the location and the nature of consciousness, if not read, rather than research, I mean I copied and pasted my infosVous will see, in my opinion. ? It is not always right, way of each principle and understand, but the theory is discussed. and finally my credentials.and, because that I do not share the wiki page: because he moved again to talk about proven and only with respect to the potential of the free particle to explore any infinite path between two points in spacetime. Its proven suggest, I was trying to say this infinite possible Spacetime in any position at the same time as all other particles in the whole universe of same.and why? Vomiting, insane.the, Patadox, before that the principle is that all particles absolutely constantly, which means that each point in the space and time is the energy and infinite density. If anything, the particle crosses every conceivable path to infinity/black/route creates a uniqueness in all infinite positions in space and time. and is not observed, that.ill stop, because it is not necessary to say these things around the themes, links to wiki should understand offers. (Instead of just connecting things). There is no dispute with you, there is Jack? It seems to have everything solved. You are right. Darwin's theory is complete, there is. It is not necessary to extend, integrate the reincarnation. All these incredible biodiversity on this planet, with all its beauty and sophistication are based on mutations in the gene. Yes? to put it bluntly, it just because something can be faked irrelevant? And is therefore quite logical for you? What an incredible intellect must. ? Uh, I think that's why the film is called reason Jack. You could learn something from your head.But I think that what is really the love of people like you, if you do not hear these proclamations on this person. It is not very well, which remain spiritually ignorant to, but you want to make sure that others are also. This is not the same thing as the allegory of the cave of the dishes. Any reason? the reason to go to? Another thing is later. What you do will not think care, I have, but not scans of reason and science on behalf of the an act of faith, or who require a Rotary. ,,.